Litigation Support

Litigation Support Complaints arise from elaborate, tax-motivated (but failed) plans involving life insurance, or from a fundamental misunderstanding about the “promises” difference between a policy illustration and the policy itself. In recent years, these two issues have given rise to a great number of lawsuits initiated by policy owners against insurance companies and their agents

Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership Universal Life created a significant paradigm shift in an industry otherwise known for a lack of techno-savvy. When combined with the growing technology behind the computer screen, companies and agents had a powerful tool to attract new customers – and often old customers – with the appearance of a much better “deal” than

Consulting Services

Consulting Services In addition to life insurance policy assessment services, Ethical Edge works with insurance companies and agent groups to develop sales materials and processes that are more understandable to their clients and prospects. Please contact us for a confidential discussion of facts and circumstances so we can provide a written proposal and cost estimate.

Dick Weber Seminars

Dick Weber Seminars Dick has been a popular speaker within the financial planning and life insurance industries for over 20 years. One of the highest-rated presenters for the Society of Financial Service Professionals, Dick has spoken on such diverse topics as  “Lessons Learned: The Extraordinary Case of Glenn Neasham”  “Working in the Interest of the

Policy Assessments

Policy Assessments Advisors are beginning to appreciate how life insurance policies need to be managed for maximum efficiency and benefit to the policy owner -­‐ and the ultimate beneficiaries. After all, just as it would be inconceivable today to acquire a significant position in a mutual fund and not manage it – modern life insurance

Life Insurance As An Asset Class

Life Insurance As An Asset Class Life insurance – as any important asset – must be managed. Modern life insurance policies contain many useful features. Depending on whether universal or whole life or “no lapse,” policies may include options such as flexible payments, the ability to select and manage underlying sub-accounts, and obtaining a given


More than ever before, insurance professionals understand that acting in a client’s best interest requires that they see themselves in a new way – as Expert Facilitators of Decision Making. It can no longer be about steps in a sales process (Advisor 1.0). The focus must be on the prospective client’s proven and preferred manner of making decisions.

Insurance Fiduciary® Accreditation

The best means of transferring the risk of certain intolerable financial losses is through the mechanism of insurance, at least relating to risks for which policies may be reasonably priced and acquired. Especially in the area of life insurance, policies have become extremely sophisticated, and it has become increasingly more difficult for

Complimentary Policy Review and Assessment