Dick Weber Seminars

Dick has been a popular speaker within the financial planning and life insurance industries for over 20 years. One of the highest-rated presenters for the Society of Financial Service Professionals, Dick has spoken on such diverse topics as

  •  “Lessons Learned: The Extraordinary Case of Glenn Neasham”
  •  “Working in the Interest of the Client: The Society of FSP and Ethical Standards of Care”
  • “How to compete with your integrity intact (and still get the sale)”
  •  “Life insurance as an asset class”
  • “Mastering the variables: actuarial paradigms of modern life insurance”
  • “Would you like fries with that policy illustration?”
  •  “It’s 10 pm. Do you know how your insurance policy is performing?”
  • “Thriving Beyond Midlife: non-financial issues for Baby Boomers facing retirement.”
  •  “Technology and the sole practitioner”

For more information or to arrange a no-obligation phone consultation, email us at: Dick@InsuranceFiduciary.com

“Dick Weber is an outstanding consultant and expert witness on insurance issues. He is simply the best around. Smartest guy in the room no matter who is there!”

Guy Kornblum
Trial Attorney, San Francisco, CA.