We offer a “quick” review service at no charge

With the below described material received a few days in advance of a scheduled phone call, we will address the typical questions you might have about premium payments, how long the policy will remain in force with the current premium, etc.

After such a review – if there are more complicated issues to address – we would shift to a fee-based service that typically runs $350 – $500 per policy.  Most of the reviews we do fall into the first category – no charge.

Here’s what we need:
  • The most current annual statement sent to you by the insurance company shortly after the “policy anniversary” – the month/day in which you originally bought the policy;
  • An indication of your “asset allocation” for VUL policies – the percentage of sub-accounts that are “equity” – and the percentage that is cash or “fixed return;”
  • If you have it, the original “sales illustration” – the packet of pages that projected policy values into the future when you bought the policies.

“Dick Weber is an outstanding consultant and expert witness on insurance issues. He is simply the best around. Smartest guy in the room no matter who is there!”

Guy Kornblum
Trial Attorney, San Francisco, CA.