Policy Assessments

Advisors are beginning to appreciate how life insurance policies need to be managed for maximum efficiency and benefit to the policy owner -­‐ and the ultimate beneficiaries. After all, just as it would be inconceivable today to acquire a significant position in a mutual fund and not manage it – modern life insurance policies must also be managed.

Universal Life, Variable Universal, and Equity Indexed policies do not have explicit premiums. “It is the policy owner’s responsibility to make certain the sufficient “premium” is paid into the policy throughout the insured’s lifetime …” is the practical consequence of owning a policy with flexible premiums. There’s nothing wrong with this style of policy as long as policy owners understand their obligation and commitment to the choice of these types of policies.

Whether the policy owner is an individual or a Trustee, we provide a complete range of sophisticated management tools and databases to meet the challenges presented by today’s sophisticated policies.

We believe there is nothing in the consulting world that comes close to the objectivity and thoroughness of these policy assessments. Whether you’re a policy owner, financial advisor, or agent -­‐ feel free to contact us for a virtual tour of our policy assessment processes.

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Complimentary Policy Review and Assessment