Insurance Fiduciary® Accreditation

The best means of transferring the risk of certain intolerable financial losses is through the mechanism of insurance, at least relating to risks for which policies may be reasonably priced and acquired. Especially in the area of life insurance, policies have become extremely sophisticated, and it has become increasingly more difficult for consumers and their agents to appreciate the difference between a policy illustration and the legal contract (the policy) it presumes to represent.

With the increasing focus on heightened practice standards for insurance agents, The Ethical Edge in partnership with Peak Development Consulting’s Facilitate® program, offers to qualified individuals a 3-month, full-time curriculum of insurance education and the necessary expertise to use that knowledge as an expert facilitator in decision-making – with the deep learning and experience of providing their services as a fiduciary. At the successful completion of the program, graduates will earn the right to display Insurance Fiduciary® as part of their professional credentials.

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Complimentary Policy Review and Assessment

I have been teaching a Life Insurance and Employee Benefits class for the University of Missouri’s College of Business Administration since 2010. For almost that same amount of time your book, Life Insurance as an Asset Class, has been required reading for those classes. I cannot thank you enough for your generous contribution of this wonderful book! I know the students get a lot out of it! And these are great supporting videos. You did an excellent, unbelievable job on the material in the book!

Gary L. Flotron, MBA, CLU, ChFC, AEP