More than ever before, insurance professionals understand that acting in a client’s best interest requires that they see themselves in a new way – as Expert Facilitators of Decision Making. It can no longer be about steps in a sales process (Advisor 1.0). The focus must be on the prospective client’s proven and preferred manner of making decisions. Today’s insurance professional is a master at facilitating those conversations and employing proper techniques at the right time and in the right way. (Advisor 2.0)

Facilitate® is an Expert Performance System as opposed to training. Participants compare themselves with an Expert Facilitator in an initial assessment (Benchmark™) which becomes their customized roadmap for the multi-dimensional learning program that follows. A combination of online self-study modules, group sessions and individual work with a performance mentor makes this program unique in terms of touching all the established learning methodologies necessary to create lasting habits in the learner and sustainable gains in productivity for her or his sponsoring company.

Facilitate® has evolved with the dramatic changes in financial consumer behavior and preferences. For more than twenty years, this program has helped insurance professionals close the gap between actual and potential performance in the critical area of new business development.

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Complimentary Policy Review and Assessment

I have been teaching a Life Insurance and Employee Benefits class for the University of Missouri’s College of Business Administration since 2010. For almost that same amount of time your book, Life Insurance as an Asset Class, has been required reading for those classes. I cannot thank you enough for your generous contribution of this wonderful book! I know the students get a lot out of it! And these are great supporting videos. You did an excellent, unbelievable job on the material in the book!

Gary L. Flotron, MBA, CLU, ChFC, AEP