The Principals and Consultants at The Ethical Edge provide to our clients expert, meaningful, and unbiased information about life insurance. We advocate that life insurance should be property acquired and actively managed – for the benefit of families, businesses, and charities.

We bring to this endeavor many years, degrees, and designations (MBA, CLU, FSA, AEP among others), as well as a commitment to lifelong learning in our chosen profession. We have worked with (not for) many life insurance companies and we have an excellent “grasp” of how things work both in the real world and in the ivory tower.

We seek to simplify without losing context. We seek to explain what is often confusing. We believe that a picture, indeed, is worth a 1000 words, and use graphs to show in one blink what otherwise takes 20 – 30 pages of numbers in a policy illustration. We choose to speak in your language and learning style so that we can optimize your opportunities to acquire and manage life insurance products.

We are committed to the truth about life insurance products – whether good or bad in your own particular situation. We are product neutral. We don’t care about “buy term and invest the difference.” We only care about learning “what’s important to YOU about life insurance?” in order to make recommendations that make sense to you and which allow you to achieve your objectives.

We deploy databases and mathematical processes that have yet to be adopted in the life insurance sales community, and in fact most agents are not allowed to talk with their clients about “probability of success” or to provide a meaningful explanation of why the policy illustration can not possibly be “correct.”

As Insurance Fiduciaries, our first and last obligation is to the client. Ethical Edge does not sell nor receive commissions for any insurance products. If a client needs insurance products as the result of a professional insurance review, we are happy to provide referrals to a short list of professionals with whom we have worked and have “certified” their respective services as rising to the level of “… placing the client’s interest above my own.”