Michael J. Kiley Biography

Michael J. Kiley, Founder and CEO: Michael J. Kiley is the founder and CEO of Chamberlain Group, a Southern California financial advisory firm specializing in wealth management and executive benefits for successful business owners. For nearly 40 years Mike has been advising some of the best-known companies in the U.S., providing liquidity to pay estate taxes and facilitating the design of the architecture for legacy plans. He has helped structure and fund buy-sell agreements which, after the loss of a shareholder, assured business continuity. Mike has a proven track record increasing the retention of key employees through the design and installation of long term incentive plans.

Mike attended the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California on a football scholarship and was the Eddie LeBaron Scholastic Honoree. He holds a Masters of Science degree in Financial Services (MSFS) and is a shareholder of the M Financial Group, a Portland, Oregon based financial services firm serving public and private companies, and super-affluent families. Mike authored one of the first studies on the effect of investment volatility on the performance of variable life products, and was the featured CEO of the month on Cox Cable – Orange County Business Journal, discussing Chamberlain’s role in advising family owned firms. He has been a resource to Vistage and YPO and a featured speaker at many industry meetings, including AALU and M Advisor Meetings.

A member of several boards, Mike has served as a trustee of the Calamos Family of mutual funds, a Chicago based money manager known for their convertible bond and growth stock expertise. Mike currently serves on the Board of M Financial Investment Advisers, Inc., which serves as the investment adviser to M Fund, Inc., a proprietary series of mutual funds available in M Group Proprietary Variable Products. In addition, Mike is an Investment Advisor Representative of Spire Wealth Management, LLC and a Registered Representative of Spire Securities, LLC.