Not Your Fathers Oldsmobile

A review of some important differences between our parent’s expectations, such as life expectancy, inflation, and health care quality and cost, and the realities that we’re likely to encounter in our retirement planning. This Webcast also includes a brief review of the types of financial specialists that can help you make a difference with your retirement plans.

Living in the Style to Which You’d Like to Become Accustomed

The advantage of a longer life expectancy raises some important questions: Does this mean there’s a greater chance I’ll outlive my money? Can I afford the level of health care it might require to enjoy those extra years? This program helps you access where you currently are in the retirement planning process.

Social Insecurity

This program will provide an overview of Social Security and the practical issues baby boomers will face as they near retirement. The choices they will need to make and more will be addressed in this informative program.

Qualified Plans and Your Retirement

Are you familiar with your choices in saving for retirement? This program explains the different types of employer-sponsored qualified plans-401(k), 403(b), 457, SEP, SIMPLE-and IRAs. It examines them through three phases: contribution, accumulation, and distribution. For tips on how to manage your retirement assets.

Money In Retirement

The next two programs focus on how to put your assets to work for you.

Income Planning

This program emphasizes the importance of organizing your retirement assets as you begin to distribute them. Your assets will fall into several categories for use: expenses, medical care, frailty, and legacy.

Health Planning

Besides a detailed discussion of health care and Medicare benefits, this Webcast describes alternative sources you can use to help finance your retirement: immediate annuities and reverse mortgages.

Lifestyle Issues Beyond Midlife

The next programs address choices and options for thriving in the years before and after retirement by making the best use of time and opportunities.

The Seven Domains of Living

Explore the importance of and relationships between body, mind, soul, heart, life structure, house and home and personal finance.

Home is Where the Heart Is

Consider the possible answers to three questions: How will you live, where will you live and how will you pay for it. A look at five options: “home sweet home”, family plan, lifestyle resort, new frontier, and progressive retreat.

A Fool and His Money are Soon Parted

Find out how to protect your credit record and identity from scam artists and high- tech fraud. This program identifies the types of personal information that you need to protect and how to do it without being frozen out of conducting your financial transactions.